Trump's persuasion tricks, Western design and onboarding

#54 17 March, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week’s articles cover the psychology behind Donald Trump’s popularity, the arrogance of the Western design community and an amazing, easy to use, onboarding method everybody should use in order to generate as much involvement as possible. Besides this, when you love awkward company slogans, go check out the Republic of SUE.

Western design = good design?

According to Morgane Santos, both designers and website designs all look the same these days. Jon Gold strengthens this point with this recent tweet. They have a refreshing and critical way of looking at the, unconsciously arrogant, Western design community. An interesting read about different world views on design.
7 minute read, found by Lucas on Medium

11 persuasion tips (by Donald Trump)

If you can’t believe Donald Trump is getting more popular every day, you should read this blog about the persuasion tricks he uses in his campaign. It explains how he’s using persuasion tactics to sell his bullshit to the American people. A good example – unfortunately – of the powerful effects of mastering persuasion.
6 minute read, found by Anne on LinkedIn

Onboarding done correctly

When designing a website or campaign, you should constantly keep the user onboarding process in mind in order to increase the likelihood that new users will be satisfied with it. In this article, Alan Klement created a great method to systematically map out the different possible users of your product/website, and how to get them involved.
7 minute read, found by Tom via Wunderkammer

Republic of SUE

We love clever wordplay, awkward alliterations and painful company slogans. Especially those of ‘MKBs’. If you aren’t Dutch, you probably haven’t heard of this abbreviation. It’s the Dutch version of ‘SMEs’. Tom keeps a blog filled with the funniest SME slogans. Small enterprise creativity at its best! Go check it out!

Discover our culture on the Republic of SUE

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