Three elements of UX Design

70 4 November, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

Start your weekend with some food for thought. These articles cover three different elements of UX design.

Storyframing the User Experience

Don’t just wireframe, use storyframing for the whole user experience. Because Storyframing ensures that business needs are heard, KPIs are set, and long term user adoption is considered. It answers the question: ‘What do we want them to do?’. Steve McCarthy’s article – insight & strategy director at Brandwitdh – shows all the elements of storyframing in detail.

9 minute read, found by Anne in All The Small Things

Stop the cognitive overload

One of the deadliest sins in website designs are interfaces that force you to think. This will frustrate the user and result in cognitive overload. Danny Halarewich – Founder & CEO of LemonStand – comes to the rescue with his article. He shares 7 common causes of a cognitive overload with examples and solutions.

 A long-read, found by Lucas on

Design for the negativity bias

Users’ tendency to identify flaws in designs raises the bar for what they consider acceptable.” People tend to focus on the negative aspects in their experiences rather than the positive ones. Hoa Loranger – Vice-president at Nielsen Norman Group – explains the pitfall of the negativity bias for UX design. Including examples and tricks to reduce the dissatisfaction of your users.

7 minute read, found by Anne on

A plea for bias

 In this column, for the leading Dutch marketing magazine “Tijdschrift voor Marketing”, SUE co-founder Tom pleads for more bias in journalism. In a world of content overload, we need interesting opinions. Not just facts.

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