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#50 20 January, 2016

4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week we spice up our newsletter with a couple of videos on UX design. Besides these awesome videos, we introduce a new way of giving critique and we give you more information about conscious decision-making. Finally, our spotlight shines on the new column of Tom about rebellion. Enjoy reading!

Facebook sets an example for design critique

Tanner Christensen – a product designer at Facebook – gives you valuable information on turning annoying, non-productive criticism into awesome, helpful feedback. “Critique is a team effort, not a one person show.” Read the 4 steps to success.

7 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

UX inspiration from the smartest UX people

Markus Pirker made a list of the latest and most inspiring Usability and UX talks. Learn how to create products that get people hooked and keep them hooked. “The first rule of finding out what people want: don’t ask what people want.” Check out the list for more learnings and inspiration to optimise your UX (User Experience) design.

Various videos, found by Lucas on userbrain.net

Focus on conscious reasoning for a change

Endless social science theories backup the division of our decision-making process into two systems; the unconscious ‘system one’ and the conscious ‘system two’. With this article you will gain more knowledge on rational decision making and – even better yet – you will learn how to use this in influencing decisions.

13 minute read, found by Lucas on conversionxl.com

SUE’s spotlight

Tom was asked to write a column about rebellion. He delivered it on ‘Het Grote Marketing Congres’ and it appeared in the magazine for Marketing (Tijdschrift voor Marketing). He shows you the pitfalls and difficulties of rebellion. “There’s a sneaky side to rebellion.” Read the new column to find out more.

A column by Tom on sueamsterdam.com

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