Persuasive vegetables, micro persuasion and landing pages

#55 30 March, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week’s articles shed a light on perfect landing pages, micro persuasion (as perfected by and persuasion tactics usable by every organisation. Next to this, we want to share our pride and joy: the First World Problem Pills nomination. is rocking micro persuasion

We all know that uses persuasion tactics. But few people take the time to analyse and discuss them. Arjan Haring sheds a light on how micro persuasion tricks add up to macro conversions. And he gives a tip for even better conversion.

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Make your kid eat more veggies

Mastering the art of persuasion is difficult, but FoodCorps masters this art perfectly. This organisation uses behavioural psychology principles like gamification and positive reframing in their tactics. Their goal? To get children to eat their veggies. Learn 7 of their persuasive tactics now.
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An expert’s eye on landing pages

Oli Gardner – co-founder of Unbounce – shares his wisdoms about landing pages. He’s seen his fair share of the best (and worst) landing pages. Use his tips to increase your knowledge on landing pages, and maybe someday top the list of best landing pages, ever.
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Republic of SUE

We are proud to announce our SpinAwards nomination with the First World Problem Pills campaign in the category Digital Campaign. With help from Dog & Pony, we created a successful new way of donating to the Dutch Aids Foundation. Read more about the FWPP Design on Republic of SUE
Discover our culture on the Republic of SUE

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