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#51 8 February, 2016

4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week our goal is to seduce you to read about testing, hackers as masters in persuasion and why big shiny web design templates must be destroyed at once. And since there wouldn’t be a SUE newsletter without our great clients, we would like to put the spotlight on the amazing people at Jupiler this week. They are bringing Belgium’s finest beer to the Netherlands. BTW: did you know the Belgian Punk Band Belgian Asociality made a song about Jupiler in the eighties?

Try A/A testing for a change

David Kadavy – author of the #18 Amazon bestseller ‘Design for Hackers’ – wrote a blog about the implications of A/A testing. Try testing the same version of your webpage or newsletter twice and be amazed by the results. Coincidences happen more often than you think. He increased his conversion rate with 300% by doing absolutely nothing. Read this article if you want to get the insights on A/A testing and the tips and tricks for optimal A/B testing.

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Hackers are masters of persuasion and behaviour design

Our creative Vincent insisted we share this article with you. Maybe you’ve heard of the TV show ‘Mr. Robot’? A cyber-thrilled TV series about a computer programmer. This article analyses his realistic way of hacking, and how he influences human behaviour with it. Hacking isn’t just about technology, it’s about understanding human behaviour and using that knowledge to force behaviour.

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Super sexy templates won’t survive

Often notice that a lot of new websites look the same? Bored of those same old one-pagers? Tools like The Grid, that use artificial intelligence to design a website, try to push you into thinking content is less important. Everything just has to look beautiful and shiny? Wrong. Read this article to discover how combining content with design will let you become a creative God.

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Republic of SUE

SUE has some fresh meat in store for you. These two newbies, Lucas and Diane, have already done awesome things. Read everything there is to know about both of them now.

And we absolutely love this video. You can find everything on the new and improved Republic of SUE.

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And we’ve sent this to each other

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