Solving problems with toast and the habits of UX designers

#53 2 March, 2016

4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week’s articles are all about solving problems. Discover how you can solve problems with toast, solve problems like an UX designer and solve problems using content marketing. Did you know that wolves can actually change the course of a river? This week’s Republic of SUE blogpost contains a video about this jaw dropping wildlife phenomena.

Solve your wicked problems with toast

In less than 10 minutes Tom Wujec – an innovative practitioner of business visualisation at Autodesk – will explain how you can come up with a new and successful idea or process to tackle your problem. The first thing he’ll ask you: “Tell me how you make toast.” A very inspiring TED talk.
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8 secrets of UX designers

Kaylan Smith reveals eight UX design habits you should read, adopt and use immediately. Kaylan is an experienced web designer and illustrator. We like this particular article so much because it links through to heaps of other interesting articles, designers and UX websites. An overview article we rely on automatically everytime when doing UX work.

7 minute read, found by Tom on

No more endless pieces of content

Instead of creating 50 videos, blog posts, and podcasts, why not create one phenomenal piece of content that speaks directly to the problem that your client has today. And let this one piece of content do the selling for you? In this article, Russel Ruffino explains why the content-first strategy isn’t always the best option. Apart from the alternative strategy he offers you, we love the motivational tone of voice Russel puts in this article. It got us excited to explore our market even more!

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Republic of SUE

Reminder: your small interventions are capable of having a huge impact. This video shows you how a little change causes an immense effect on nature. Watch the video and get inspired by the beauty of these changes.

Discover our culture on the Republic of SUE

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