Google knows you're sick, agile transformation fails and UX

#58 18 May, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

The ethics around big data and disease prediction: how far can Google and Apple go? Furthermore, the dangers of working with agile and how to stop losing customers.

And in this week’s SUE spotlight Tom reveals a simple shortcut we use at SUE that makes the application reviewing process easier and more effective.

Google knows that you have cancer

Is it Google’s obligation to tell someone if he’s sick? Based on big data and algorithms, companies like Google and Apple can predict whether or not you’re sick or will become ill in the near future. But how predictable is their data?

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Why agile transformations fail

The agile approach can help a company with internal innovation and gaining speed and flexibility in their working progress. There are a few pitfalls that you’ve got to avoid in order to perform at the top level. This must read article goes into depth on these hazards and tells you how you can avoid them.

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How to avoid losing customers

Use UX design principles to ensure that you won’t lose customers any more. Brian Bimschleger -a strategist at Digital Telepathy- explains the most common causes of churn and gives away UX techniques to fix these problems.

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SUE spotlight

Applying for a job or an internship can be rocket science. What’s the best way to present yourself? In 2 minutes, Tom reveals some insights about the application procedure at SUE. This article gives you some persuasion tips & tricks to improve your chances.

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