Free advice, free ideas and free degrees

#44 12 November, 2015


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Free advice, free ideas and free degrees

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This edition of the Mail Named SUE is all about the concept of ‘free’. You’ll find free tools, some great free advice, a free nano degree by Google and a great critique of the use of the word free.

And as you probably noticed the SUE mail has changed into English. We got more and more international visitors. Since Dutch is a pretty hard language to learn and we didn’t want to scare away readers by having to learn the mystical usage of ‘dt’’ and ‘t’, we decided to switch language. We hope you don’t mind.

This is how you do an innovation brainstorm

Our friends at The Board of Innovation wrote an interesting blog post on how they use tools and templates to generate innovative ideas in their innovation workshops. We think it’s a really smart idea to have a group focus on radical scenarios first. Then have them think about human problems and finally make them discover how a combination of both could lead to new ideas. By the way: we tried some of those tools and templates in our own ideation process. We highly recommend using them!

4 minutes read, found by Jorn

Great advice on how to run a meeting

Paul Adams wrote a note to all Product Managers, Designers and Researchers: “Today, we don’t do a great job of running meetings. This is simply a process problem, it is entirely within our control.” In this note you get some clear best practices to run great meetings. For free! So after reading this note nothing stops you from having meetings you actually like being in.

3 minutes read, found by Tom in the Medium newsletter

This is when “Free” is a really bad idea

The word “Free” is scattered around by marketers like it’s a silver bullet, instead it’s not. It can be powerful, but it can also hurt conversions. This ConversionXL article shows how you can win or fail by using the persuasive word ‘FREE’. A word we Dutch are quite fond of.

8 minutes read, found by Wouter on

Free nano degree in tech entrepreneurship from Google

Google teamed up with eLearning platform Udacity to teach a free course in entrepreneurship. You get to learn Google’s Design Sprint methodology to come up with new product ideas, you learn how to prototype, and you gain understanding of how to monetise and market apps. SUE subscribed right away.

3 minutes read, found by Astrid through Prismatic.

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