Emotion design, user research and neuromarketing

#56 14 April, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week’s articles cover the importance of emotion in design, best practises in user research and tricks to persuade the third part of your brain.
Besides these freshly picked articles, we have exciting news about SUE. Curious? Scroll down to read it all.

Transform functionality into emotion

A jacket is functional, but if you ask a person why he wears that specific jacket, he will say he likes the colour or the fit. Daniel Eckler shows you why emotion is the most important component in design.

6 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

User research is the oxygen for your business

Non-existent, flimsy or even biased research insights can have serious consequences down the line. Get it right, today. This article breaks down the why and how of effective user research.

11 minute read, found by Jorn on dtelepathy.com

The old brain loves seduction

Our brain has 3 parts: the new, the middle and the old. The last one decides. Alex Birkett gives away the 6 triggers that seduce this decision maker. Understand the triggers and create new opportunities by persuading the old brain.

9 minute read, found by Anne on conversionxl.com

The spotlight shines on SUE

We already have a SpinAward nomination, but the rollercoaster continues! We are listed on the Emerce 100 list. We can proudly say we’ve got one of the highest scores in the Online Campaign list. Emerce praises SUE for the reliability and know-how, amazing!

That’s not all. We are also nominated for agency of the year by San Accenten.

Find the whole list on Emerce.nl

And we’ve sent this to each other

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