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75 13 February, 2017


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

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Ideate for everyday challenges

Ideation is not only for generating the next big idea.” It’s is a valuable asset in the process to a new and innovative concept. Aurora Harley – a User Experience Specialist with Nielsen Norman Group – hands you the fundamentals of Ideation. A technique everyone can use for small and big design problems.

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More emotion in UX design

In edition 56 of A mail named SUE, we shared the article ‘Design for Humanity‘. A plea to turn functionality into emotion. Tijs Vrolix also shared a new article about emotion in the User Interfaces. This underestimated component could be your holy grail or the missing piece of your puzzle. A graceful but striking plea for emotion.

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The replacement of modern day app interfaces

Nowadays people use dozens of apps to perform different tasks. The future user might use just one app to perform all desired tasks at hand. Are conversational interfaces the app interfaces of the future? Tony Scherba – president and a founding partner of Yeti LLC in San Francisco – advises UX professionals on what they should, and more importantly, shouldn’t do when designing conversational interfaces.

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Power talk

You can design your own power at work or in your daily life when you apply Behavioural Psychology. Tom shows multiple situations where framing is used to convince or out-pace the competition, because framing is war: those who plant the most powerful paradigm in our minds, win the war of how the world is seen.

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Perhaps we’ll plan a session at SUE in the future | This billboard raises awareness like a boss | Just a cute video of a fox and a dog



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