Economics & Nudging behaviour

73 29 December, 2016


2 wisdoms in 1 minute

As a behavioural designer, problems should intrigue you to explore ways to change current behaviour or thinking. These two articles perfectly show how this can be done. Either to write a column that sparks a discussion about the status quo or explore a Behavioural Design problem over the holidays.

Economy = Psychology

Economics is the science of scarcity, the world where goods are limited. It answers the question: How can a balance be created between the needs & wants of people and what is actually available? But this science seems to be outdated because the needs of people aren’t absolute. A plea to melt psychology with economics to create a broader perspective for the economic theory.

Found by Tom on Bank Underground

Nudging better eating decisions

How can we nudge ourselves, or loved ones, to focus on pleasure, not size, when choosing how much to eat this holiday season? People tend to eat too much food instead of eating less, but pleasing food, it’s quantity over quality. Yann Cornil – Professor at the University of British Columbia – wondered why people behaved this way and explored this Behavioural Design problem. His outcomes are quite pleasing.

Found by Marloes on Business Harvard Review

And we’ve sent this to each other

Nudging Behaviour

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