Habits, addictions and the digital world

#52 17 February, 2016

4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This weeks articles are about habits, addictions and the digital world. Discover how you can participate in this fast moving world and how you can protect yourself against addictions. It may be easier than you think. And this week we would like to throw in a special thanks to the marvellous people at Sanoma Belgium. You should definitely talk to them if you want a successful campaign, devoted to women.

Use the power of habits

It’s fascinating how your habits influence your buying behaviour. Shanelle Mullin – content marketer at ConversionXL – explains brilliantly how your habits are sabotaging you. Luckily, she provides insights about fixing this problem as well. An interesting article to keep in mind when you want to persuade a buyer into changing his behaviour.

Long read, found by Nelleke on conversionxl.com

A serious addiction

We praise the lord for the internet, apps and other online technology. But don’t we all betray ourselfs on using social media or checking our mail a little bit too often now and then? Why can’t we stop checking the web all day long? This ‘addiction’ can be explained. Nir Eyal will show you the reasons behind the need to use the internet and apps all day long. After you’ve read this article, you might be able to fight your internet cravings.

7 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

Digital natives change old media

The phrase ‘digital media’ is wrong. There is no digital media.” Thomas Baekdal has an impressive view on the digital native world. This interesting long-read shows the hacks, troubles and mistakes of the digital era. Besides this, he gives you the tips and tricks you’ll need to publish content in this crazy digital world. Good luck!

Long read, found by Tom on baekdal.com

Republic of SUE

Some of us are highly dedicated to improving the world. Meet Jadev Payeng, also known as ‘The Forest Man‘. He isn’t an employee at SUE, but he certainly inspires us to do better. If someone is capable of doing this on his own, mankind can do so much more.

Discover our culture on the Republic of SUE

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