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#49 6 January, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

A new year. Time to shake things up. We found some interesting articles and videos! Be prepared for Steve Ballmer, Leah’s look at UX design, transparent marketing and a special spotlight on SUE. Best wishes and enjoy reading!  

The modern UX organisation

If you’re really interested in User Experience Design then you should watch this video. Leah Buley, the lead UX researcher at Forrester, explains the importance of UX in an organisation, the mistakes companies still make and the things they need to do to modernise. After this video you’ll better understand the modern UX organisation.

50 minute watch, found by Tom on vimeo.com

The most creative pricing experiment ever!

Give a consumer 3 options and he will choose the cheapest one, right? Wrong. Everlane – a retail company – had a quite unusual sale in December. They used a creative pricing method showing the consumer what would happen with the money. It’s fascinating how this transparency changed customer decisions.

5 minute read, found by Desmond on buzzfeed.com

Expand your goofiness with Steve Ballmer

We think Steve Ballmer is a boss. Why? Because he isn’t afraid to be himself. This article gives you some tricks to be more like Steve Ballmer. Make yourself important with his help. Dominate at a party, in a meeting or at work.

5 minute read, found by Jorn on medium.com

SUE’s spotlight

This week the spotlight is on a column by Tom, because it’s our second most shared article on social media. Tom explains why planners often stand in the way of smarter working practices. Read the column and discover the solutions.

A column by Tom on sueamsterdam.com

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