This week we had a discussion at SUE about the bullshit of content marketing.

#45 12 November, 2015


Wisdoms about content marketing, disruption in soccer and real innovations

Content marketing, disruption and innovations

4½ wisdoms in 1½ minute

This week we had a discussion at SUE about the bullshit of content marketing, the overhyped obsession with technological disruption, the existential crisis of the advertising industry, pathetic cats in Christmas outfits and the importance of problems instead of ideas. Enjoy reading!

The content marketing bullshit machine

Spot on critique on content marketing by Dave Trott. He exposes  the staggering lack of importance of content in the whole content marketing hype. It seems like content has become the stuff that is just a mere detail, that stuff that fills up the genius content delivery systems.

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Marketing is specialising into irrelevance

Gareth Kay did some big thinking on the future of marketing agencies. “It’s time to stop the fragmentation of marketing and get back to our true specialisation”. Read the blog to find out what this true specialisation is.

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Real innovation is about solving problems, not about having ideas

“Despite the staggering number of problems in this world, most entrepreneurs are still chasing ideas”. Advertisers are obsessed with ideas, while innovators and designers are obsessed with problems. If you’re not solving a problem then you probably don’t have a viable solution. This great piece explores where problems can be found.

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Soccer as a stunning example of disruption

Our industry is completely fascinated by technological disruption This however, isn’t yet another article about Silicon Valley or technology. This is an article about smart disruption. This however, learning from a completely different field. A German soccer field to be precise. It shows the perfect methods and techniques to outperform the competition with less resources. Oh! By the way, this is a Dutch article.

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