Cognitive biases, persuasion & push notifications

67 30 September, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

The best online pieces are the ones that make things simpeler. Things like cheat sheets, checklists and do’s & don’ts. We’ve got a couple of those in this week’s edition of our mail. We also have a sneak peek at the newest persuasion principle of the famous Dr. Cialdini.

Get your cognitive bias short list, learn the best practices of push notifications and read all about the Unity principle of Cialdini.

A short list of cognitive biases

Have you ever read the cognitive biases list on Wikipedia? It’s a terrifying long-list of 175 cognitive biases. But Buster Benson saves your butt by narrowing this long-list into a short list of 20 different cognitive biases. Finally! A cheat sheet with 20 biases grouped by their general mental problem. It’s genius and easy to use.

12 minute read, found by Lucas in All The Small Things newsletter

Cialdini’s newest persuasion principle

Dr. Robert Cialdini is our persuasion wizard. He already discovered 6 persuasion principles and revealed them in his book Influence. And lately Cialdini discovered another principle: Unity. Alex Birkett – Growth marketer at ConversionXL – leaks the first insights in his blog. This one is for all the curious admirers who can’t wait for the book.

9 minute read, found by Nelleke on

How to push on mobile devices

We’ve never heard anyone say Oh la la to their mobile device when they received  a push notification. Still, a push notification can be the most intimate thing you’ll receive all day. Noah Weiss – head of search, learning & intelligence at Slack – reveals the history, do’s and don’ts of push notifications.

14 minute read, found by Tom in the Wunderkammer newsletter

A masterclass in Behavioural Design

Jorn’s crash course in Behavioural Design was the hottest topic in the newsletter a couple of weeks ago. But there is a follow up, a masterclass in Behavioural Design. He teaches you how you can nudge and influence behaviour by 23 behavioural design principles, with 62 matching examples.

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And we’ve sent this to each other

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