Behaviour design, post-facts & interviewing

65 20 September, 2016


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This week’s articles uncover the behaviour design behind the introduction of new products, the dark wisdom of this century and an amazing script for interviews.

In innovation, similarity is better than difference

Did you know cars needed a fake horse head to be accepted? And that it wasn’t the innovative car that created the success, but the fact that it looked like a carriage? Nir Eyal – one of the leaders in behavioural psychology – proved that you need to create balance between similarity and difference. More examples are included in his article.

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Post-facts & evil politics

Trump manipulates the masses by speaking Gibberish and nobody is stopping him. Why? Because facts lost their impact since the cold war. We are an audience which has already spent a decade living without facts and can now indulge in a full, anarchic liberation from coherence. Learn more about the change in behaviour throughout the century.

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Jobs To Be Done Interviews

Alan Klement teamed up with David Wu to create a script for interviewers. They give away the key timeline moments in interviews. One of the key moments is the consideration set of a person. A consideration set is an prioritized understanding of the purchase options someone weighs before making a purchase decision. Discover the questions that trigger emotion and reveal the consideration set of your customer.

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No we won’t participate in your creative pitch.

The creative pitch is outdated and Tom will give you 4 reasons why you shouldn’t choose this instrument. A massive shout-out to all the organizations who are still using the creative pitch. By the way, the blogpost went viral and is still crushing records.

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And we’ve sent this to each other

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