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66 20 September, 2016

4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

After we all got sunburnt last week, it’s time for some new articles to cool down. Starting with an article about the rapid changing world where every action is based on emotion. Followed up with a conversion booster and an article that proves Trump’s success based on behavioural science.

Besides these articles, Jorn wrote a blog about the work methods we use at SUE on a daily basis. Enjoy!

The media is screwing with our emotions

Nowadays, an average American is scared and feels like he lives in a world full of danger and chaos. But compared to the 20th century, we live in a quite safe and steady world. In this eye-opening statement, Mark Manson explains the reasons and consequences of our crazy feelings and behaviours. One tiny spoiler: It’s also because of the media.

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A human-centred approach for conversions

Raphael Paulin-Daigle – Founder of SplitBase – gives a flaming plea for a more human-centered look at conversion optimization. Because a website that works sublime on every device is not enough. You need to do more than that. Luckily, Raphael tracked down the problems and gave 3 options to increase conversion.

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Scientific prove for Trump’s success

Finally, a scientific analysis that explains Trump’s growth in the presidential election. Michael Goldstein – Associate Director at R/GA NYC – uses multiple well proven theories to analyze Trump’s success. One of these finger-licking good theories is the system thinking of Daniel Kahneman. A true entrepreneur in behavioural science.

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The way SUE Works

Jorn gives you a sneak peek in SUE methods and he explains the benefits of the way SUE works. Our teams are SCRUM masters and use our own Behavioural Design Method. Learn how you can work more efficiently and effectively.

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And we’ve sent this to each other

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