Advertising is dead, email delight and A/B testing

#46 24 November, 2015


Advertising is dead, email delight, munipulation in politics and A/B testing

Advertising is dead, email delight and A/B testing

4½ wisdoms in 1½ minute

It’s a week of long-reads about very fascinating stuff. Get ready for advertising myths, email delight, persuasion and manipulation in politics and A/B testing.

To balance things out we have some easy to consume snacks for you. SUE was captured by a dude who is ready for the apocalypse and we were intrigued by a rebellious village in Wales. Oh, and we’ve found the perfect solution if zombies take over the world.

Enjoy reading!

A compelling argument in the “Advertising is Dead” debate

This great longread in the Financial Times debunks some of the myths on how advertising works, based on the How Brands Grow research by Byron Sharp.
The issue is not online versus offline. The issue is brand fame. Online and offline help to build fame in different ways.
9 minute read, found by Tom in Financial Times
7 Ways Bigshot Companies Delight With Email

Email is a great way to sew a consumer-centric mindset into the fabric of your business. It creates a series of little moments that can create great experiences for your customers. And keep them coming back. This article shows 7 companies that use email to delight. Tasty examples included!
10 minute read, found by Jorn on
10 killer arguments the Left should be using

As behavioural designers we’re deeply concerned with how extremist politicians abuse the power of persuasion and manipulation to exploit the fears and the desires of the masses to gain power. This article puts the spotlight on 10 very compelling arguments to fight the misleading seductiveness of muppets like Donald Trump.
6 minute read, found by Tom on 
Don’t Do A/B Testing

A/B testing is highly useful, no question here. But a lot of businesses should not be doing it. They’re not ready yet.
Roughly speaking, if you have less than 1000 transactions (purchases, signups, leads etc) per month – you’re gonna be better off putting your effort into other stuff. If you still want to test, try other stuff like talking to your customers or running user tests or poll your website visitors.
3 minute read, found by Wouter on

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