Abused words, terrible research and jobs to be done

#47 9 December, 2015


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

It’s almost new year and so it’s almost time to figure out your new year’s resolutions for 2016. These articles will help you to do better at your job and to be more productive. Become the best researcher with some best practices and clear examples. Start using a couple of new apps that will make your life much easier. And save words from the abuse of evil marketers.

Agile is dead

Some words are abused by marketers for the pursuit of profit. “A word that is abused in this way, becomes useless, it stops having meaning as it transitions into a brand.” Dave Thomas holds a plea for the word Agile, because this word is abused and beaten to death by marketing. An inspiring plea to take things back to where they were with some clear examples. Let us stop the death of these words by using Agile as an example.

5 minute read, found by Tom on pragdave.me

The most awesome researcher ever

For SUE, research is the key ingredient for a stunning campaign. But it’s unbelievable how many mistakes researchers make with user research. While user research is crucial to clarify, probe and get answers to the important questions. This article gives clear examples and best practices to transfer you into the most awesome researcher ever!

6 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

Uncover the jobs to be done

Maybe this article will take you some time to read, but trust us, it’s totally worth it. This (very) longread zooms in on the customer journey and gives you examples – and best practices – for this type of interviewing. Scan, read, remember, perform and you will know exactly what has driven your customer to buy your product or service.

17 minute read, found by Tom on medium.com

Boost your productivity in 2016!

Boost your creativity and productivity with these 10 amazing apps. We’ve tested all of them at SUE. Conclusion: we definitely use number 6, 9 and 10 the most! Not only at work, but also in our daily life. Did you know you could make your own cookbook with number 9? Astrid already got started with her own. So check out all of them and pick your own favourite.

8 minute read, found by Wouter via the Wunderkammer newsletter

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