4 juicy articles before the end of the year

#48 23 December, 2015


4½ wisdoms in 1 minute

This is the last edition of the year. Time to give you some great lists, which will boost your new year’s resolutions. We kick off with the UX design trends of 2015, just to make 2016 even more amazing. We will show you how to start a conflict with copywriting, change your pricing labels to improve your profit or go crazy with 100 trends! It’s up to you, read all the articles now.

The 10 trends of UX design

UX design.cc has done all the work for you with this article. You can find all the trends of 2015 about UX (User Experience Design) design here. It’s a handy article if you want to look to better anticipate the future of 2016. But, “The answers you’re looking for are far away from your screen.” Find out the meaning of this quote now.

12 minute read, found by Jorn on uxdesign.cc

Pick your fight with copywriting

“Our brains are wired to pay attention to conflict. We make decisions by weighing options, by comparing X to Y and contrasting Y with Z.” That’s why conflict marketing is the best option for every company and copy can be your superhero. Read the article for some extraordinary copy examples.

14 minute read, found by Tom on copyhackers.com

Pricing psychology

This article is pretty beastly.” It gives you all the hacks you’ll need for the pricing of your products or services. Okay, it’s a long list of psychological strategies to improve your profit, but it’s worth it. Not in the mood to read it? Just check out the quick video on the website!

Long read & short watch, found by Tom on nickkolenda.com

100 trends and changes to watch in 2016

Okay lets be bold, here’s a list of 100 emerging trends and innovations for 2016! Yes. Really, 100. It’s a big list, but very useful for all your awesome resolutions for the new year. We have to admit that it takes an hour or so to to read it all. Don’t have the time? No worries! The list covers so many topics that you can just jump to your topic of interest.

Long read & quick scan, found by Wouter in the All the Small Thing Newsletter

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