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Sitting on a cock as I am gay. Did we get your attention? Or do you think this is no joke or seriously lacking a sense of humour? Then this video is for you. In ‘Talking Funny’ Chris Rock, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais discuss the essence of humor. It is a pure delight to watch those four heavyweights of comedy discuss their profession. The full episode of 49 minutes is easily found on YouTube, but we picked a fragment (that maybe Otis didn’t see coming when he wrote his world hit while sitting on a dock of a bay)  but made us all laugh out loud. Especially when Ricky Gervais starts laughing. It is so contagious. So, have you had a bad day and are in need some gold old laughter, then don’t hold back, just deal with the cock and the gay.

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