SUE x Dog & Pony


For the Dutch Aids Foundation we teamed up with Dog & Pony to design the packaging of our First World Problem Pills. The result was a packaging design that was both functional as aesthetically pleasing. We made references to existing medication packaging using ingredient descriptions such as 100% karmadoxide and using typeface commonly used on traditional medicine packaging.

We developed a full range, from sachets to containers. And divided it into four categories, all referring to different types of First World Problems: ‘Daily Drama Solutions’, ‘Don’t Need It, But Want It’, ‘Feeling Gay’and ‘Instant Perfect Souvenir’.

The design was received very enthusiastically the world over, getting a lot of credit on well-known design blogs, both nationally and internationally. But more importantly to us: they were very well received by the general public. The First World Problem Pills sold massively, getting the feedback that people loved them as gifts or as fun items for their interior or office. All proceedings went to the Dutch Aids Foundation: that was our biggest success.

The First World Problem Pills can still be ordered on: First World Problem Shop


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