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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Don’t we all know that feeling when you really, really have the urge to tell someone the truth. But then your shyness, upbringing or career ambition takes over from the longing to set things straight? Right! We figured it cannot be good for your heart to hold everything in. You need to release your feelings. Your health is at stake here. And the truth of the matter is: sometimes someone really needs a compliment and sometimes somebody shouldn’t be able to get away with things. You all know what we are talking about, right? Hereby our solution: the SUE me cards. The only with compliment cards that actually help you make the compliment someone needs. The good, the bad and the ugly truth. Make someone’s day or make someone come round by making a bold hearted intervention. And instead of having to tell someone to their face, you can now coolly slip someone a SUE me card. We sprinkled a fair dose of humour into the copy, so you will probably get away with it. You might see a nervous twitch in the face of your recipient, but he or she will never want to be accused of not having a sense of humour. And if so: who needs losers in his posse SUE me for wanting nice people around!


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