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It may sound strange that the first book we, as a creative agency, recommend you to read is called Steal like an Artist. But we do. This short book written by Austin Kleon is one of our bibles. It takes just an hour to read and you will be filled with inspiration to create. His plea is not so much for originality or plagiarism, as the title may suggest, as it is for mastering the fundamentals of creativity by copying work you admire in order to understand the thinking behind it. Opening up your own creativity. This is just one of the nuggets of wisdoms in the booklet. The book is filled with practical tips and insights that make creativity fun and achievable. We tend to read it over from time to time. Just to freshen up, get our juices flowing and chase away the cobwebs in our minds. We could also open a window more often, but you know: it is often cold in Amsterdam. We don’t want our brain to freeze. Enough said: go buy the book and be inspired.


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