Rob Roulette


We thought it was about time that picking the designated driver would become more humane. Someone had to stand up for the introvert, the misfits and the shy ones who always seem to be drawing the short stick ending up with the boring mineral water at the bar. Don’t get us wrong, we all like to party, everybody does (feels like there could be a potential hit song in there) and we agree drinking and driving isn’t a successful mix. Dead simply isn’t that sexy. But choosing the so-called Bob is most of the time 1) no fun and 2) dishonest. So, we made it fun and honest. Simple as that. Giving both awareness about drinking and driving, but more importantly making it easier to actually put it into practice. So people, read, especially youngsters would look forward to choosing the designated driver instead of avoiding the subject.

Hence, the birth of Rob Roulette. The idea is quite simple: two identical bottles, 1 filled with vodka, 1 filled with water. From the outside there is no telling what is what. So, two people each pick a bottle and simultaneously take a sip. If you hit the vodka: damage has been done, you get to be drinking all night. You got the water. You’ll be driving. We did put some secret minerals in the water, so your skin will magically glow and you’ll be the catch of the evening at the bar. But you also catch the car keys.

You might ask: why Rob Roulette and not Bob Roulette? That is a very good question. We got grim sounding warnings that we would be prosecuted using the name Bob. Ok. Fine. We love alliteration anyway. So, Rob Roulette is it. As long as we can prevent drunk driving and actually influence behaviour. We’ll be a good sport. In contradiction to others who shall remain unnamed. But to all you Bob’s out there: it is not because we don’t like you. We do! We do!


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