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Okay, you might be wondering right now if you’re not a Dutch native speaker what the hell is MKB? Is it the newest buzzword in marketing (market kick buying)? Is it a new game (mortal kill battle)? Or is it something little girls who fancy pink tutus love (miracle kitten ball)? No, no. We are afraid it is not as sexy as that. It is the Dutch abbreviation for SMEs. But don’t give up on this post just yet. It will get good. Promised! Because have you ever noticed how tremendously ingenious SME slogans are? The creativity, the word twists, the sheer brilliance in simplicity? Well, when we grow up we want to be SME slogan inventors. Until that time we collect the most genius ones we come across. And we are pretty serious in our admiration: We are known for stunts like hanging out of our car on the freeway to snap that one passing truck with a slogan that makes our collection even worth more. We love you to join our hunt. We could use some more international entries too.

Check out The MKB slogans blog


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