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How can you make young people become aware of the work of ‘Doctors without Borders’ in a time when every non-profit fights for attention with tear jerking stories? You do things differently. You show Cojones. As Christmas special we developed Cojones: christmas baubles for everyone who could use some extra balls to finally that thing they always wanted but lacked the courage for. The thinking was quite straightforward: Doctors without Borders have balls. It takes a pair of steel balls to be working in the field everyday in crisis areas, like they do. And some more to stay over there, whatever the seriousness of the situation. They have so much balls, we figured they could give them away. In return for a donation. As money for medicines, hospital tents and other goods is something ‘Doctors without Borders’ does have a shortage of.

So, the purchase of a set of balls became the donation. We had 3 sizes: small, medium, large. So, everyone could get the right dose of bravery. It was a fresh breath of air between the regular Christmas non-profit campaigns, always showing endearing footage of needy people. Cojones became a fun, eye-catching vehicle to get a completely new target group interested in ‘Doctors without Borders’, learn from them and get their feedback and donations.

You can order the Cojones on www.ikwilcojones.nl or by sending an email to astrid@sueamsterdam.com


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