Bento monsters


We have to admit: we talk about food a lot at SUE. To be honest we actually eat a lot of food too. And not always the healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free stuff. We want to, but we just don’t. But maybe it isn’t really our fault. Maybe we are just not just motivated enough. Thinking about it: we really think that is actually the problem. It is not us. It is them. Since we came across this blog by ‘just a mum from Singapore’, we were convinced immediately that we are not the ones to blame. Just check out her blog and see what she makes for her kids: she calls them Bento Monsters. They are crazy yummy and, seriously, we are in awe of her healthy food creations. They’re fan-tas-tic. We would eat healthily too if we were presented food like this. But it also makes you wonder what a ‘not just a mum from Singapore’ would come up with, if this is the level of lunch making from  ‘just a mum from Singapore’. Whatever, check it out. You can watch the blog while eating potato chips. Just looking at the healthy food already makes you feel better. We tested it. It works.

Bento Monsters Blog


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