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A plead for design for excitement through witty copy

I am a great fan of little big details. And my favourite little big detail is witty copy. Not distant advertising slogans, but copy that makes me feel the brand truly speaks to me and is getting up close and personal. I want to hold a very warm plea for brands to get more outspoken and intimate in communicating with their consumers.

Why? Well, I am a great believer that as a brand you have to make every touch-point with a consumer remarkable. If you know how to make a positive difference in the moments of truth within the consumer journey you will create genuine excitement for your brand. And excited people, they talk and share. And I genuinely think copy let’s name it spoken-copy to get the difference with advertising copy clear is an important, but easy tool that brands have at their disposal to make this difference. And the good news is: it can be implemented everywhere.

On packaging, in the retail space, on labels or in the checkout process of a web-shop. It is actually very powerful to implement it on the physical manifestations of a brand, because it makes the brand even more tangible and close. But let’s not get too difficult and start over rationalising the effect of copy. As the great examples are actually very simple: they make you laugh, wonder, smile or think. But they also have one thing in common: they immediately expose the personality and spirit of a brand. This is a sign I came across in a restaurant in Utah:


I love it. I think it is funny and at the same time I love the fact that they won’t stand children turning their restaurant into chaos, which gave it for me a quality perception and rocketed it to the place to be for me by the way I don’t hate children, I hate parents who let their children misbehave, hence my love for the sign. But let me give you some more examples to illustrate what I am talking about. And this time I won’t say a word. The spoken copy in the examples will do the talking for me. That is kind of their power.

I am hunkering for brands that will see the unbelievable power of getting more personal and outspoken in their copy. I truly believe that if a brand is great at the little details that can turn people in true brand fans. Maybe we should start a talent show for brands like that. What do you think about naming it The Voice. It kind of says it all. My gut feel says there is some potential in a format like that.

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