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SUE is designed around the biggest marketing challenges businesses are facing today.  Companies that thrive today are companies that out-persuade, out-pace and out-smart their competition. They outpersuade by using behavioral psychology to solve real human problems. They outpace by developing strategy through rapid prototyping. They outsmart through fast experimentation and validation of truly innovative ideas. Most traditional organizations are not built around these principles.

SUE was developed from the ground up to offer you a dynamic, creative environment outside of the structures & processes of your own organization in which you can work in close co-creation with the best smart creatives, to come up with novel human-centred ideas that are prototyped quickly. Enabling you to return to your organization with validated ideas without having spent unnecessary time and money.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of behavioural design to nudge people into making positive choices in work, life and play.

Our steady state

Our steady state is highly interactive. With an office brimming with hectic energy, filled with rooms to ideate, prototype, interview, learn and let novel ideas come to life. We are a flat organisation, have small teams, see clients as part of the team, have a culture of YES, believe in sharing ideas and are very ambitious to make the best smart creative work out there.

Our promise

Our promise to give you the ideas & the method to build something new. All you need is the insight that your industry is transforming at a rapid pace, the heart to do things differently, the eagerness to be part of that transformation and the willingness to work in co-creation with the best smart creatives to make magic happen. We promise you when you base your product/service strategy on behavioural insights you avoid incremental innovations and me-too products. Our job is to think of the thing you haven’t thought of yet, but your consumer really needs.


We could not find a suitable word to describe our culture. So we invented one. Our culture is driven by our mission, creating opportunity for exploration, for discovery, for experimenting, for sharing & team empowerment. We are characterized by transparency and giving everyone voice. But foremost it summarizes our unstoppable urge to come up with brand new solutions for problems at the speed of light. Occurring in the magical collision between behavioural psychology, creativity and fun. Manifesting itself in brilliant sparks of energy and super-duper ideas that people didn’t think of, yet really need.

Our team

At SUE we employ people from different backgrounds and with different expertises who work together as a multidisciplinary team. There being persuasion designers, digital marketers, creatives, copywriters, psychologists, researchers, designers, developers, creative technologists, brand strategists. We have also set up solid partnership network with people and companies we think are the best out there and can be connected when needed. Both SUE’ers and our partners are thoroughly trained in our method & process.

60 with sue

You don't buy a car without taking it for a test drive. Why an agency?

  • Book 60 minutes with SUE at our office.
  • Get a new perspective on your business from a behavioural design point of view.
  • Walk away with an idea of how to put radically human-centred and experimental thinking into practice.

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