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SUE is a strategy & innovation company with a hacker mentality.

We design behaviour

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We help organisations like Rabobank, Aids Fonds, TMG and Sanoma to develop human-centred strategies through rapid prototyping.

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Our Behavioural Design Method results in


  • Brand strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing strategy


  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Content creation
  • Concept development


  • Strategy implementation
  • Smart campaigning
  • Testing
  • Optimisation

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We work for those who are looking for smarter solutions and validated answers

(If you need traditional advertising, unfortunately we are not your cup of tea.)

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Our culture can be best summarised as Knalldrang.

knall-drang (n.) Possessing the unstoppable urge to come up with brand new solutions for problems at the speed of light. Occurring in the magical collision between behavioural psychology, creativity and fun. Manifesting itself as brilliant sparks of energy and super-duper ideas that people didn’t think of, yet really need.

Pronunciation [KNĂL-drang]
Originating from: Sueish


  • 's-Gravenhekje 1a
  • 1011TG Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands


  • (+31) 20 223 46 26

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